Seat Pedestal Plugs By Hank Hilliard, Phoenix Decals Not included, Click for details


Phoenix Decals Not Included

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Plugs are $18 each with Free Shipping

Machined from a bearing grade extruded material called nylotrol 6/6 w/ molybdenum.

The polymer material vs metal for several reasons.

1 ) they don’t burn bare feet
2) they don’t oxidize as bad (you can of curse have aluminum anodized )
3) they do not beat the crap out of my phone, sunglasses or each other while stored in my glove box.
4) not as heavy

An occasional wipe down keeps them looking great!

The decal is purchased separately.

The plugs Phoenix sells are injection or blow molded. They’re core/cavity type (hollow) therefore a lot lighter (easier to blow out). Hanks are machine from solid extruded stock.

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